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Sports Movie Review: Real Steel

Sports Movie Review: Real Steel | Sports Takes & News |

Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial. Maybe it’s because I don’t like movies that every other simpleton loves. Maybe it’s because the the original Rocky story has been played out over and over throughout movies since its inception, but in the end, yes Real Steel is basically a shot for shot remake. However, it’s way better than the original Rocky.

Real Steel does steal the storyline from Rocky, but does that mean it’s worse? Absolutely not. The original Rocky is ten times cheesier. The pacing is god awful. The love story between Rocky and Adrian is cringeworthy, and the sound editing couldn’t be worse. Yeah, you’re gonna tell me that it was made over 40 years ago. Yeah, you’re gonna tell me that the original will always be better. And yes, you’re gonna tell me without the original Rocky we wouldn’t of had all the sequels, including Creed. All of that doesn’t matter. They are all the same exact movie to me so when you throw science fiction into the game with robots and corruption that 100% is going to grab my attention more than real life boxing.

People realize that boxing is a dying sport right? It hasn’t been big since the first Rocky came out. Okay, I know that’s a lie, but still how many times are we going to continue to watch Floyd Mayweather dodge punches and win on decision? I’m out on that. Rock Em Sock Em rebot Boxing is something We all should be looking for. How awesome does that sound? Being able to mirror your punches through a 15 foot robot sounds like the future to me.

Now, to the actual movie. How can anyone hate on Hugh Jackman. The guy has stolen our hearts as Wolverine for a long time, and his acting skills would knock out Stallone’s any day. Also the underdog in the Real Steal storyline is wayyyy more lovable than Rocky ever was.

Quick question: Why do we have more connections to things in movies that aren’t humans? We always care more when the dog dies in movies?

It’s because they don’t deserve it, and are better than humans. The robot in Real Steal is who we want to be. No one actually wants to be Rocky. The love story between Adrian and Rocky couldn’t be more fake. There isn’t a true love story in Real Steel either. Which makes the movie that much better. Nobody wants the love story. We want the heart warming story with the actual little guy succeeding. Rocky isn’t that little in the movie. We knew he wasn’t going to win, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Rocky won’t ever beat Real Steel, it just wasn’t meant to be. 


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Sports Movie Review: Real Steel |

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