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Sports Movie Review: Hoosiers

Sports Movie Review: Hoosiers Blows | Sports Takes & News |

Has anyone ever seen the Original Disney Movie: High School Musical? I’m pretty sure that movie has better basketball acting than Hoosiers. If I have to see one more reference to someone measuring off something to inspire someone that it’s “just the same size as home” I am going to hurl my stomach farther than Ollie can actually see the basket.

Here’s my real problem with Hoosiers: could it be any more racist? I really don’t think so. The movie makes us root for the all white team the entire time. We don’t even know that black kids even live in the state of Indiana until the final game. Don’t you think we should be rooting for a team that is integrated in the 1950s over an all white team that isn’t even good until the actual good player shows up to play in the game. I’m glad that Remember the Titans fixed this problem when it showed the real underdogs aren’t the players who just suck, but the ones who are you know treated as inhuman by the rest of society.

Okay back to my first point. Is there anything worse than watching any sort of basketball from 50 years ago or more. It’s like watching Bob Cousy dribble out the clock. Ummmm can someone just cookie this man please??? He is dribbling on top of the ball for gods sake. Hoosiers shows this type of basketball as well and it’s insanely hard to watch. Every single baller today wishes they played in that era because they would absolutely destroy any team single handily.

Lastly, Gene Hackman as Norman Dale is the total opposite of inspiring in this movie. He’s more inspiring as Jimmy McGinty than he is as the coach in Hoosiers. He also isn’t likable whatsoever throughout the movie and we found out he’s only coaching high school ball because he hit one of his players. Why on earth do these players follow this guy? He isn’t even a great coach. Let’s list the ways why:

  1. Hits kids. 
  2. The 3 pass rule. So lame
  3. His assistant that he hired is an alcoholic 
  4. The team revolts on him because he calls terrible plays 
  5. Only has a chance to win because their opponent has a monumental collapse 

I just can’t get on board with this movie whatsoever. If you like it you probably saw it as a kid before you even knew what racism, child abuse, or alcoholism was. You probably also are too young to know what good basketball actually was. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. 

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Sports Movie Review: Hoosiers Blows | Sports Takes & News |

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