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Sports Movie Review: Friday Night Lights

Sports Movie Review: Friday Night Lights | Sports Takes & News |

Friday Night Lights, it just sends chills down my spine. There’s no other sports movie that makes me feel like I’m really there, especially knowing and realizing how serious and special Texas high school football really is. Every single scene in the movie shows the intensity of their lives for the people of the town, the coaches, the parents, and even just the high school kids playing the game. I literally cannot imagine what Texas high school football is like. I’ve never been to Texas, but this movie made me realize just how much pressure is put on football down South.

Acting And Writing

  • Billy Bob Thorton is a master in this movie. He is the perfect coach in Friday Night Lights, and he makes you want to run through a wall throughout the movie. The acting across the board is actually pretty good, and it the writing doesn’t feel too cliche or over the top lame. You know when sports movies try extra hard to motivate, not just the people acting in them, but the audience as well? There was some movies recently that came out where a kid crawls across a field blindfolded or some shit, and it’s just so fake and unbearable to watch it makes me sick. I can’t handle that fake stuff at all, yet Friday Night Lights doesn’t bring me down in that way.
  • The action of the football games also feels very very real. The scenes are fast and actually makes me feel like I’m there in practice, in drills, and in games. It’s similar to the movie Remember The Titans, whereas the games aren’t that long. At least they don’t feel that long. However, in Friday Night Lights the games just feel so real. 

The Accuracy

  • I know the accuracy isn’t completely in line with the results they had in the state tournament, and who they actually played, and when people get kicked in the face with helmets. Yet, that’s not what I’m looking for in terms of accuracy. I’m looking at the accuracy of the environment that is Texas high school football. It accurately shows that this is all that matters in life in Texas, and nothing else. Nothing else will come close to being as important as high school football, and you’ll never have a better time in your life. That is real people. I believe it when the movie makes me feel that.

This movie makes you want to put the pads back on. This movie makes you want to play football one last time with the boys and experience what it’s like going through the grime and hardship that kids go through in high school sports. The pressure from the town, the parents, the school, and coaches. Even the pressure you put on yourself. It is a classic movie that will always pull at the heart strings of any high school athlete. Enjoy it. It’s legit a great sports movie.


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Sports Movie Review: Friday Night Lights |

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