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Some People Are Outraged Over This Dallas Cowboys Partnership

Just miles away from where children were killed and hours after a gunman opened fired at a 4th of July parade, the Dallas Cowboys announced they have a new sponsorship deal with a coffee company. The deal, which was announced Tuesday, drew some strong feedback because of the company’s name and the name of some of their products. Considering their less-than-ideal timing and the events of the past few weeks, should the Dallas Cowboys rethink, or even cancel their new sponsorship deal? Let’s take a look at why people are so upset.  

The Dallas Cowboys may have closed the roof to AT&T Stadium for the summer … otherwise it might be difficult to explain how, or why the franchise announced on Tuesday they have signed a sponsorship deal with the Black Rifle Coffee Company.  The coffee company, which can be found online and sold on Amazon, uses the catchphrase “The Taste of Freedom is Here,” is a veteran-owned business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their blends of coffee include names such as “Freedom Fuel,” “Murdered Out,” “AK Expresso,” “Silencer Smooth,” among others that not only promote their brands of coffee, but the company’s pro-gun ownership views.

Tuesday saw the Dallas Cowboys under attack from people who questioned the timing of the partnership as well as the team’s need to work with a company that held such political views. Not backing down to the outrage or the pressure to end the deal, the franchise, owned by Jerry Jones, announced a joint promotional contest where the winner would receive two tickets to a Cowboys’ game and a year-long subscription to Black Rifle Coffee array of blends.

It was Jerry Jones who defended the partnership deal Wednesday by saying, “Every cup of coffee in the stadium, every bag of Cowboys coffee sold, represents a step in fulfilling the Black Rifle mission — another veteran employed, another first-responder receiving support, or another community event to help adaptive military athletes thrive in the civilian world.”

Fans replied by saying “Integrity Matters,” despite the coffee company’s mission to help veterans.

There likely would not have been a great time to make an announcement such as this; so, the only question is simply: Should the Dallas Cowboys have entered into this deal at all, or found some other company that helps veterans to work with?

Black Rifle Coffee is likely doing a fine job employing and empowering those who once served in our nation’s armed services; but having some of the names they use for their coffee would seem a bit harsh to those who have not worn a uniform or just watched the news coverage of another mass shooting taking place.

Jerry Jones has the right to work with any company he pleases even if it does cost him a few fans along the way. That’s because we, as consumers, have the right to make sure those companies we support with our hard-earned money follow the values we do. It probably would be nice if the Cowboys’ Coffee wasn’t sold right next to a company that also sells “Silencer Smooth,” but Black Rifle Coffee is not causing one more mass shooting by using that name on one of their products. So, in the end, how much people are offended by this partnership will determine if Jerry Jones is right or wrong in signing the sponsorship deal.


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