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With the NBA regular season sneaking up on us fast, the Lakers have spent some time toying around with their lineup in practice, playing around with LeBron James at the 1 and Anthony Davis at the 5. The talent level that LA will be able to trot out on the court night in and night out gives them that ability to move guys around without being at a substantial deficit at any one position, and seems to be okay with James, who recently said, “I do whatever it takes for us to win. So it doesn’t matter. I’m a ballplayer.” Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe of Undisputed disagree about how well LeBron is really going to accept a potential change in his role.

“It doesn’t matter what position he plays, he can play basically any position one through five,” Sharpe said. “When he was in Miami he had no problem turning it over to D Wade… Kyrie, he turned it over to Kyrie, his final season in Cleveland Kyrie took more shots.” Sharpe went on to say that LeBron only has an issue with giving up control of the offense if the player he puts his trust in messes up.

“He has shifted into full on blame deflection mode… now that camp is here, we gotta play through AD, put the pressure on him,” Bayless claimed. Skip’s opinion is that James is only prepping Anthony Davis to get thrown under the bus if things go wrong, not to credit him if things go well. “LeBron should be embracing pressure, embracing the leadership role. You got a young player coming from New Orleans, never been on this stage before, you can’t put the pressure on his shoulders.”

LeBron James brings two things to every team he lands on: an otherworldly talent, and too much drama. It’s good to see that’s still the case. 


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