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Just when you thought the fans in London would miss out on seeing a cheap shot from a dirty football player after Vontaze Burfict was suspended this week, there was Richie Incognito paying tribute to his former teammate by slamming the head of Buster Skrine into the ground.  You always know there’s something going on with Richie Incognito when it’s Sunday and he is trending on Twitter.  My solution to spot players like Burfict and Incognito is simple and would prove effective right away if the Roger Goodell had the nerve to go ahead and do it. 

The play that sent everyone to their Twitter account saw Incognito blocking downfield, and when the play was over, landing on top of Bears cornerback Buster Skrine.  The Raiders offensive lineman took the opportunity to shove the back of Skrine’s head after the play, forcing his head and face into the ground in a blindside hit that is cowardly, even by Incongnito’s low standards.  The play, a late hit after the whistle, correctly drew a flag from the officials, and (wait for it) hurt the Raiders by taken them out of field goal range on that possession. 

Social media exploded during the game between the Oakland Raiders and Chicago Bears on Sunday, with people asking how Richie Incognito still is in the National Football League, while a person who cared enough about something to make a statement like Colin Kaepernick, has been blackballed.  Somebody please explain to me why Richie Incognito still has a job! 

The National Football League announced on Sunday that it will have a standing appointment with the Oakland Raiders every Tuesday in order to address the team’s continued dirty unsportsmanlike play on a weekly basis.  Now while that announcement is not true, shouldn’t it be?  Because Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock have put together a team of cheap shot artists and then are surprised and outraged when they are suspended by the league office.

Perhaps, in addition to suspending players, the National Football League should start suspending head coaches and general managers when their players receive an excessively number of penalties like the Oakland Raiders have this season. Only there, maybe, will players like Vontaze Burfict and Richie Incognito find themselves out of the league once, and for all.


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