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Preseason officially kicked off Thursday night and the Eagles got an injury at quarterback. Go figure.  Thankfully it wasn’t the quarterback that will be carrying the fate of the team on his bacxk that got injured, but it was still the backup Nate Sudfeld, and if Wentz has proved anything so far in his career, it’s that at some point this season you will need Nate Sudfeld to step in. Well, that won’t be happening for a while since he fractured his wrist against the Titans. So, what now?  All I see on Twitter is the obvious suggestions, Colin Kaepernick.

Every time a quarterback gets hurt, Kaepernick is the first person mentioned. Would he be a good fit in Philly, and should the Eagles think about bringing him in to backup Wentz.  Short answer, no.  Now, before everyone freaks out and starts to think that I am against social justice let’s take all of that out of the equation.  Let’s look at this from a standpoint of the NFL as a business and the Eagles as a football team.  Nothing else.

First and foremost, Kaepernick is asking for too much money.  He was reportedly looking for upwards of $10 million a year to come back to the NFL.  That’s entirely too much money for a backup quarterback when you just paid Wentz the record deal that he was given. That’s not even taking into consideration that he hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL since January 1st of 2017.  That’s 950 days. So, politics aside, how many guys would you trust as the backup to your potentially injury prone quarterback for $10 million a year that hasn’t played a down of football in almost three years?

Now, three years is just the last time he played, nobody said anything about playing well in that time frame. In his last three years at San Francisco he went 11-24 as a starter.  So, he hasn’t played WELL in almost six years. Do you know how many things change in SIX years?  Nate Sudfeld will be back in 4-6 weeks and Kaepernick has said that he doesn’t want to go anywhere where he can’t compete for a starting role and that just isn’t going to happen in Philly.  So, the 4-6-week rental doesn’t make sense for a guy that wouldn’t want to be here anyways.  I get it.  I get why everyone wants Kap back in the league and I think that he does deserve to be in the league, but at this point It must be on more realistic guidelines.  You’re not going to get paid $10 million to be a backup and you’re not going to come in three years removed from the league and start.

Let me just say this before I get the backlash.  I STAND FOR EVERYTHING KAEPERNICK IS FIGHTING FOR.  That’s not what this is about.  This is about if he fits in Philly with these circumstances and the answer is no. 


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