NFL Takes, TooAthletic Takes

In the last 10 years the Dolphins have made it to the playoffs once. That was ten years ago!  It is hard to foresee how good Lamar Jackson will be or can be, because he literally was up against the worst team in the league who coincidentally just so happens to be in the same division as the Super Bowl favorites, Tom Brady and the Patriots.  As a fan I can say we stink.  In fact, we stink so bad we need a tomato paste bath.  It is unfathomable and absolutely horrific for fans (including myself) around this nation to witness the garbage the Dolphins will trot out onto the field each week this season. 

What have we done?  We took a wide receiver turned quarterback, and invested over $90 million in him.  I honestly don’t blame him , I blame poor offensive coaching and developmental training.  Our front office is filled with individuals that want to lose.  This year we should be tanking and coach comes out and says that’s not the plan.  Shut up!!!  That is absolutely the plan because we are pretty close to becoming the Cleveland Browns of old. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick was started to show some Fitz-magic. I must of missed the moments he displayed it in the realm of never.  I would much rather pick up Colin Kaepernick and try my chances there but the NFL took some things to heart and are still hurt.  Time heals all wounds supposedly.  By the time he gets back in the league he will be in his late 30’s but even he may see a playoff appearance prior to us. 

If we are tanking, which we should, we need to commence the trading.  Get those picks.  Clear the cap space.  Just hire me as a GM and give me a decent assistant that was a GM before and we could get the job done.  Don’t consider this an insult…consider this the frustration of a lifelong fan.  


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