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Los Angeles Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy suffered a broken nose and a concussion after behind hit head-on by Jake Marisnick of the Houston Astros on Sunday afternoon.  The diagnosis came hours after the 33-year-old Lucroy lay motionless on the field at Minute Maid Park in what Marisnick called, “… a bad play for me.” Lecroy’s manager Brad Ausmus called for Major League Baseball to do what it hopefully will do soon, suspend Jake Marisnick. 

“First and foremost I hope he’s OK,” Marisnick told the media after Sunday’s game, adding, “That was a bad play for me.   It’s terrible.  I wish him the best, I hope he’s OK.” 

Manager Brad Ausmus, himself a former major league catcher called for Major League Baseball to review the play and consider suspending Marisnick on what he said, “…certainly didn’t look like a clean play.”  During his post-game press conference, Ausmus explained what he saw this way; “It looked like Marisnick took a step to the left and bowled him with his arm up.”

Replays showed a clear path for Marisnick if he headed toward the back side of home plate as he was trying to score on a fly ball, with Lucroy in front of the plate fielding the ball from right field.  Instead, it appears that Marisnick took a step toward the pitcher’s mount before dropping down, then rising up with his arm and body into the face of Lucroy, causing the injuries. Marisnick explained later on Twitter that, “Through my eyes I thought the play was going to end up on the outside of the plate. I made a split second decision at full speed to slide head first on the inside part of the plate. That decision got another player hurt and I feel awful. I hope nothing but the best for @JLucroy20.”

If baseball or any sport is going to take concussions seriously, then when a preventable injury such as what happened to Jonathan Lucroy happens at the hands of another player, the offending player MUST be suspended as soon as possible. Furthermore, the money collected from the lost pay from Marisnick and any other player suspended for causing a concussion should be donated to a hospital or research facility that specializes in brain injuries and trauma.

People are saying that Lecroy is OK and things could have been worse; while that may be true, his injuries were preventable if a player followed the rules regarding head-on collisions at home plate, a rule that has been in place for six seasons now.  The next step after a player breaks a rule is a hefty fine and suspension and a fine for his team to encourage them to train their players better on the rules of the game.


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