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Rachel Nichols is perhaps the most underrated ESPN personality, and has been doing great work dissecting the NBA on her show The Jump since 2016. The show is prone to interview and insight rather than hot takes and yelling matches, making it a breath of fresh air for sports talk viewers.

She recently had Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman on to discuss not just the current various situations around the league, but as one will do when they have two all time greats on set, to reflect on their time playing as well. One of the highlights of the interview was that Pippen found Rodman, who was called many things over the years but never an inspiration, inspirational.

“I followed Dennis’ career, and I think he was one of those guys that helped motivate me coming from a small school and knowing that I could make it to the NBA,” Pippen said of Rodman, who came out of Southeast Oklahoma. Pippen credited his confidence that he could succeed in the pros with Rodman overcoming the odds of not just his school, but also a rough upbringing.

Dennis Rodman, role model. Don’t think I ever thought I’d write those words. 


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