Ronda Rousey Gets Injured In “Fake” Fight

Sunday night was the spectacle of professional wrestling, the absolute, undisputed top show of the wrestling business. Leading up to this show, the former MMA star, Ronda Rousey, gained some heat for posting video where she was “in character” and used the “F” word. Not the word you’re thinking of, but the one that is even more frowned upon in the professional wresting industry.


This obviously gained a lot of negative attention leading up to Sunday night and whether that is what she intended or not, Rousey certainly set herself up for an unforeseen ironic ending to the night. That came at the expense of her breaking her hand in what was the first ever Women’s main event in Wrestlemania history.

Not only did she break her hand, but she suffered her first loss, and just like in the UFC, she didn’t handle it well. There are rumors flying that she wasn’t supposed to be pinned and that the ending was botched and now she’s pissed because it makes her look “weak.”

Becky Lynch, the winner of the match, seemed to have been the most upset and also seemed to be the one that was getting under Rousey’s skin the most leading up the the “F” word video. So, did Becky do this to show Ronda a lesson? Was it botched because of Rousey’s injury and they needed to cut the match short? None of this in confirmed yet, but one thing I do know is, it’s pretty damn ironic and I may or may not be laughing while typing out that Ronda broke her hand in a sport she called fake.

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