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Week 1 overreaction time!  This is honestly my favorite thing about football.  Watching a game, especially this early in the year, and having a meltdown of overreactions for the rest of the season.  Let’s begin! 

Turns out Lamar Jackson, in fact, does not need to switch to running back:Of Remember when everyone was saying that he would benefit from a position switch and Josh Allen was the truth.  Well, it turns out that both of those are terrible takes and Lamar Jackson is light years better than Josh Allen.  It’s really not even close.  Lamar Jackson and co. beat the Dolphins so bad today (yes I know it’s the Dolphins but still,) that they have reportedly had multiple players reach out to their agents to demand a trade.  Ouch.  “Not bad for a running back” was Lamar’s response after being asked about his performance and it couldn’t have had a better delivery.  Lamar Jackson will be the quarterback for the AFC North champions of 2019, how about that for an overreaction.  (The Steelers are currently getting their shit kicked in, as usual, by the New England Patriots.) 

The two best teams in the NFC reside in the same division: The Cowboys and the Eagles both looked fantastic today (although the Eagles only looked good for 1 half) but both teams could very well be the best teams in the NFC and they have to play twice!  The defending NFC champion Rams struggled today against the Panthers and nobody knows where the fuck Todd Gurley is.  We still haven’t seen the Saints play yet, but I truly feel like the Cowboys and Eagles are both that damn good. 

Let’s get one more.  Oh, here we go. 

Freddie Kitchens will not make it through the entire season without being fired: The Browns looked awful.  They were just out-coached, plain and simple.  Mayfield tossed three interceptions and the Titans dominated every part of the game.  Now, the true football fans understood what the Browns were going to be and weren’t falling for the false hope because of this coaching staff.  I said months ago that they are way overhyped and said they would be lucky to go 7-9, but they may not even get there.  No part of this team looked like it was improved from last year like it was hyped up to be and Cleveland is certainly not afraid to let coaches go.  Kitchens is next. 


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