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Ohio State Buckeyes Should Not Make The College Football Playoffs

Ohio State Buckeyes Should Not Make The College Football Playoffs | Sports Takes & News |

The Michigan Wolverines have called off “The Game” with The Ohio State Buckeyes this weekend, marking the first time since World War I that the two Big Ten Rivals won’t play football. The cancelation also means that Ohio State will finish the regular season only playing five of their previously schedule eight games, one short of the conference requirement to compete for a title. While I honestly could care less with what the backwards Big Ten does and who they allow to play for their conference title, the only message I have for Buckeyes fans is this: You should not play for a national championship, and should not be eligible for the College Football Playoffs this year.

This is how the Big Ten Conference started their football season, they didn’t, feeling it was too dangerous because of Covid-19. Yet, feeling the heat from parents and the pressure of their school administrators, the conference agreed in September to play a shortened eight-game season, but added a rule that teams would be required to play at least six of those eight games in order to qualify for the conference championship game. It was a rule that, according to CBS Sports, every athletic director, head coach, and university president agreed to, feeling that it would maintain the integrity of the regular season and the conference championship.

Keeping Ohio State out of the College Football Playoffs is not about if anyone believes they are one of the best four teams in the country or not, because like in any other season, that is a subjective opinion anyone is entitled to  At the time, the Big Ten was right, playing at least 75% of the games was the minimum they wanted from anyone competing for a conference title, and that should also be the rule for any team who wants a chance to play in the postseason. It’s not fair that a team such as the Buckeyes, who only took the field half the time as Notre Dame or Clemson did could potentially join them in the playoffs. 

The word in September was “integrity,” and it would be wrong of the Big Ten to change a rule they all agreed to three months ago just because they might make more money now by doing so, that’s not integrity, that’s greed. The Big Ten Conference screwed things up from the beginning, because they were greedy to begin their season late, and they left no room in their schedule for makeup games, thus leaving Ohio State one game short of being able to play for the conference title and reaching a bowl game. Now they want to know how close they are to a windfall, and are willing to burn their own rulebook to get it … they should not be rewarded.

Part of life is dealing with disappointments and not getting what you want. In 2020 The Ohio State Buckeyes football team did nothing wrong; they were able to play five games and win them all; while other teams played more games and did more during their season. There are teams that took the field more, risked more during games, and produced better seasons than Ohio State, so don’t give the Buckeyes something based upon what might have happened, because that may seem fair for one school or conference, but would not be fair toward many other players or schools. This is not about taking away a birthright of the Buckeyes football team, this is about rewarding the best teams in college football, which Ohio State can’t lay a strong claim to based off a small sample size … and you can’t reward a team that didn’t fulfill a preseason requirement after the season just because it is in your own best interest. Sorry Big Ten, you’re out! Just as The Ohio State Buckeyes should be kept out of the playoffs. 


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Ohio State Buckeyes Should Not Make The College Football Playoffs |

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