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The Packers defeated the Cowboys this past week by using a blueprint that a lot of teams are probably going to employ to the best of their abilities moving forward: stop Ezekiel Elliot and make Dak Prescott beat you. Elliot was held to a paltry 62 yards, Prescott couldn’t do enough to overcome it, and Green Bay secured an easy victory. Nick Wright of First Things First believes that the Cowboys are going to have a hard time winning football games if Zeke gets bottled up by the opposition.

“Once again, the Cowboys show absolutely no ability to win a football game when Zeke doesn’t play well, now 1-8 when Elliot doesn’t rush for 75 yards since he’s been there,” Wright said. He went on to point out that they have been dominated defensively in their last couple matchups, a trend that may mean the league has figured the Cowboys out.

I’ve been banging the stop Elliot, stop the Cowboys drum for a while now. Dak is not the type of quarterback who wins you games, he’s the type who stays out of the way and does his best to not cost you games. There will be times their offensive line is unstoppable and Zeke is running through brick walls, but on days where that’s not the case they are going to struggle to win games. 


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