Nick Saban’s Former Player Calls Him Out

Alabama.  The ultimate dynasty in College Football.  Every single year they are either winning the national championship, competing for the national championship, or coming up just one game short in a late season loss to Auburn or the SEC championship opponent. 

So, from the outside looking in it looks like the ultimate place for every major college athlete to go. 

But, what if your coach doesn’t want you to go pro and throws shade at you for doing what, in your eyes, is best for you?  Isn’t a coach supposed to support you and help you grow as an athlete and a man?  Isn’t there supposed to be a lifelong bond between you and your coach at that high of a level? 

That’s what I thought.  That’s what a lot of people would think. 

Nick Saban has come out the past couple days and let the media know about his displeasure of players leaving early, but the best part was one of his former players decided to clap back.

Nick Saban threw shade at Ronnie Harrison, safety for the Jacksonville Jaguars and a third round pick in last year’s draft, basically saying that these players aren’t making the right decision by leaving early.  Ronnie Harrison clapped back and called Saban “butt hurt.” 

This probably is not the first time that Saban or a player have felt this way, it just looks like its the first time it’s come to light and it really isn’t a good look for Saban.  This is the guy that goes into high school player’s homes and looks the parents in their eyes and tells them he wants what’s best for each and every player and will help in any way he can to help them grow as a player and man.  Does he also let them know that he’s going to publicly throw shade at them if they decide that the best thing for their career is to go pro?

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