NFL Thanksgiving Day Games Recap

NFL Thanksgiving Day Games Recap

Like millions of Americans three NFL teams took to the road for games on Thanksgiving; and like many of those traveling from coast to coast, when they arrived, things became hostile with those they were visiting. For some of those who traveled this holiday weekend, things went better than expected, and like a few NFL teams, were able to go home happier than when they left and enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a smile on their face. Here, now is a recap of all the NFL games from Thanksgiving Day 2021.

Chicago 16 (4-7), Detroit 14 (0-10-1):  The hosting Lions held a 14-13 led until the final second of this game, coming THAT close to securing their first win of the season.  Yet, as had happened twice before, when Detroit fans see their football team winless when they wake up Thanksgiving morning, they go to sleep that night with a zero in the Lions’ win column.  That’s because the Bears went on a 18-play give that took over eight minutes off the clock, with the final play being a game-winning field goal to steal the win from the NFC North rivals.  The loss was heartbreaking for Detroit, who have played so many close games all season long, but their defense just could not stop the Bears at the end of the game, letting them slowly take the ball down the field in the game’s last possession and running out the clock on the final play.  As for Chicago, sure they earned the win and broke their three-game losing streak while denying a division rival a positive moment; but I was rooting against that kick being good at the end of the game and for the Detroit Lions to win.

Las Vegas 36 (6-5), Dallas 33 (7-4) OT:  In a game that felt like it lasted the entire holiday weekend, the Raiders went to Big-D and outlasted the Cowboys despite both team scoring a lot and being flagged for bad penalties all afternoon long. Yes, there were a few questionable calls by those wearing the striped shirts and dropping yellow flags; but neither team adjusted to those bad calls by avoiding anything that could be called a penalty.  In fact, Las Vegas used the officials to set up their game-winning field goal in overtime by throwing the ball deep down the middle of the field and drawing a pass interference call in Dallas territory.  The loss probably won’t hurt the Cowboys in the weak NFC East but will further fuel the doubters that this team can do anything in the postseason while also enforcing my feeling that without a Hall of Fame QB or Pro Bowl players, Mike McCarthy is a terrible head coach who has no business coaching in the NFL.

Buffalo 31 (7-4), New Orleans 6 (5-6):  The only player who held back the Bills’ offense from scoring more points Thursday night was quarterback Josh Allen, who tossed two interceptions in the red zone, stopping a pair of scoring drives.  Despite those setbacks, Allen did throw four TDs passes as his defense barely broke a sweat is smothering the Saints flat offense since, without RB Alvin Kamara, New Orleans’ head coach Sean Payton was not putting his team in a position to move the ball down the field, thus, the lop-sided defeat at the hands of Buffalo.  The Bills can now rest up over the weekend and get ready to face the New England Patriots twice over their six games in matchups that will have a huge impact on the AFC East and the conference playoff picture.  As for the New Orleans Saints, it was nice to have a primetime game to honor former QB and future Hall of Famer Drew Brees with; however, this team is lacking something this season, and with all the injuries they are dealing with, finding that missing piece is 2021 has become almost impossible. 


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