NFL Takes, TooAthletic Takes

NFC North:

This one isn’t changing much. I thought the Packers would win the division with their upgraded defense, regardless of the relationship between Rodgers and his new HC. The Bears proved they can’t get it done with this offense and I still don’t trust Cousins in big games, yes they looked good, but it was week 1.

NFC South:

Well, the Falcons got shutout, the Saints lucked out against the Texans when clearly Houston was the better team, and the Bucs still don’t look good with their coaching changes. I really liked the way the Panthers looked, even with an L. I’ll take the Panthers.

NFC West:

You know, the Seahawks didn’t look great and very easily should/could have lost on Sunday but there is just something about counting against Russell Wilson that I don’t like doing and I’m going to stick to that narrative.

NFC East:

Two teams looked fantastic (well one did for only one half) and the other two teams looked terrible. We always knew this was going to be down to the Eagles vs Cowboys and while Dak and co. did look good I’m going to stay home onc his one because i truly think it’s Carson’s year.

AFC North:

Well. It’s not going to be the Browns! Like I’ve been saying for months they are incredibly overhyped and poorly coached. What did surprise me was how bad the Steelers looked. Like, really had. Lamar Jackson looked incredible and I don’t think that’s the only time we will be saying that this season. I’m sticking with the Ravens.

AFC South:

This one isn’t even an overreaction it’s just about depletion. Obviously I had originally picked the Colts and then Luck retired. The Jags lost Foles for the season more than likely. The Texans did look good but man they cannot protect Watson and the Titans demolished the overhyped Browns. Give me Marcus in a must win season for him.

AFC East:

The Patriots

AFC West:

I mean my God did you watch the Chiefs? They are in midseason form already they demolished the best scoring defense from last year. That’s a done deal.


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