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The Cowboys fell to the Packers in remarkable fashion on Sunday, going down 34-24 in a game that was not nearly as competitive as the score suggests. Dallas trailed by 28 points at one point in the third quarter, and their effort was marred by on field mishaps that cost them multiple opportunities to keep this contest close. At the forefront of those mistakes was quarterback Dak Prescott, whose reputation for good decision making took a hit on a day he tossed three interceptions. His poor performance and to-date lackluster year prompted the crew of First Take to discuss whether or not Prescott made a mistake by not signing an extension this past offseason, and Stephen A. Smith did not mince words about it.

“Damn sure looks like it, I think that needs to be said,” Smith said. “I don’t have any questions about Dak’s skills, he’s gonna continue to get better… You gotta sit up there and say to yourself if you’re Dak Prescott, what position am I truly in to succeed.” Smith pointed out that Prescott is working with a first year offensive coordinator in Kellen Moore and a head coach in Jason Garrett who may be on the way out if the Cowboys don’t have a certain level of success this season, and the combined struggles of the two were going to lower his value.

Prescott is not terribly talented and has worked more of a game manager role for Dallas while Ezekiel Elliot has been the driving force behind the offense. That’s fine, and it’s well suited to their system, but Prescott needed to be smart enough not to demand to be the highest paid quarterback in the league. He failed to see that, and is watching his payday shrink because of it. 


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