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Micah Parsons Gives Reasons For Blowing Off Skip Bayless And Shannon Sharpe

It is difficult to imagine the Dallas Cowboys getting off to a more difficult start to the 2022 season. They lost not only their opening night game to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, leaving them the only winless NFC East team, but they also lost their quarterback Dak Prescott for the forseeable future. Of course, as Week 2 began, the troubled franchise was the fodder for more headlines when linebacker Micah Parsons no showed the Fox Sports talk show Undisputed hosted by Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. On Thursday Parsons spoke to the media and explained what happened on Tuesday when he was schedule to appear on Undisputed.

Fox Sports has been a player in the NFL media game for decades now, and for their Fox Sports 1 talk show Undisputed, the 2022 season has started off with a bang for all the wrong reasons. As their Tuesday show unfolded, it was becoming more and more clear to the hosts that their star guest was ghosting them and would not make his first appearance of the year as scheduled. Sharpe, a former NFL player himself, noted Parsons went “radio silent” all morning and informed viewers that Fox Sports 1 had put equipment in the linebacker’s home to make it easier for him to appear.

On Thursday, Micah Parsons addressed the Dallas Cowboys’ beat reporters and explained why he didn’t appear on Undisputed as advertised. “My starting QB went down, and we lost,” Parsons said.  “I just didn’t think it was appropriate for me to be on the show at that point. I need to step up and be a leader. It shouldn’t be on TV, it should be in this locker room. This is where my focus should be right now.”

When asked why he didn’t contact the show to explain his absence, Parsons replied, “I got people that handle that type of stuff,” Parsons said. “If there was a miscommunication on that part, I will correct that. I have nothing but love for Skip and Shannon. I wouldn’t just no-show anybody like that. A man is only as good as his word.”

Well, Mr. Parsons, you did no-show Fox Sports and the two hosts you claim you love.

I know that those who talk about the NFL always want to hear from coaches and players as often as possible. That includes throwing a few bucks at those who already make seven figures to squeeze ten more minutes out of them and try to sneak in a question they will actually answer honestly and insightfully. In most cases, this plan never works as both the players and coaches repeat the same cliches from the same book that fans have been hearing from for decades.

If Micah Parsons was too upset to talk to anyone on Tuesday, his only day off of the week, after a bad loss and a game that show his 2022 season likely end because of an injury to Dak Prescott, then all he needed to do was make sure someone told Undisputed he wasn’t appearing. He failed to live up to his promise of appearing and it is too bad the network can’t punish him because we know the Dallas Cowboys won’t do anything at all to him.

As for the Fox Sports, don’t waste your time giving any players in any sport some equipment to appear on your network during the season, especially in the NFL when a player or coach downtime is so valuable, and their emotions run high and low from game to game.

I blame the network partially for this because they should know that some players expect a network or at least a talk show they appear on to go easy on them when things are going bad for the team they play for. And all Micah Parsons proved is that something would have caused this relationship with Fox Sports to go south sooner than later, so it is better for everyone involved that things went haywire from the start.

Pick up your cameras and boom mic and go back home, Fox Sports, because Micah Parsons never really wanted to talk to you, you don’t really need to have him on Undisputed, and fans are used to getting blown off by players or not having them offer anything worth tuning in for. In short, the player did both the network and the fans a favor this week, don’t mess it up by asking him on after Week 2, because Parsons, just like every other NFL player is not worth the trouble. 


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