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With the first Sunday of regular season football under our belts for this season, today has been chock full of reaction and overreaction to yesterday’s games. Max Kellerman took the opportunity to declare Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes, fresh off of a performance where he eviscerated the vaunted Jaguars defense for 378 yards and three scores, the best player in football.

“Patrick Mahomes is the best player in football, I’m ready to say that right now, and he’s gonna do it without Tyreek Hill,” Kellerman declared. “You follow up a 50 touchdown performance as a first year starter and an MVP that nobody even really debates with 378 yards, three touchdowns, 143 passer rating, and 11 and a half yards per attempt?” Kellerman cemented his point by saying that was so clearly the league’s best player last season that his biggest competition for the MVP didn’t even come from another passer, but from Aaron Donald.

This is all… tough to argue against. It certainly seems as though he’s head and shoulders above the other quarterbacks right now, and being the best at the most important position in the game seems like a clear cut case in favor of Kellerman. Usually after just a week I’d consider this typical “Overreaction Monday” type stuff, but with a full season of these performances to back him up, Mahomes may well be the best in the game.


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