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The Baltimore Ravens snuck by the undermanned Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime on Sunday, squeaking out a victory on a 46 yard Justin Tucker field goal. The win moved them to 3-2 and staked them to first place in the AFC North. The win was not pretty, however, and featured some awful quarterback play from rookie passer Lamar Jackson, who threw three interceptions, showed a poor ability to read the defense, and held on to the ball entirely too long which led to him taking five sacks.

Max Kellerman of First Take believes that, despite still getting the W, this is an indication that Jackson is not prepared to lead the Ravens to postseason success. “I don’t think Lamar Jackson is ready yet to call them Super Bowl contenders. Lamar Jackson is in fact the most accurate passer at 21 in the history of the NFL… but you have to consider what age 21 means. It’s a baby,” Kellerman said. “Is he ready to take an offense to a Super Bowl? No, I don’t think he is.”

Jackson is young and has shown a boatload of potential, so if he’s not ready at now 22 years old to take the Ravens all the way, certainly there is no shame in that. He’s got all the raw talent a team could hope for, and will have more experience by 25 years old than most. He’ll get his ring eventually, but I agree with Kellerman: not this year. 


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