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The Eagles had their way with the Jets defensively this past Sunday en route to a 31-6 victory, scoring two touchdowns and amassing an incredible 10 sacks. The offense, however, struggled, with quarterback Carson Wentz putting up uncharacteristically soft numbers. Wentz was 17-29 for under 200 yards with only one touchdown, and the Eagles took almost no shots down the field. Wentz came into the league strong, and was an MVP candidate in 2017 before that season was cut short by injury, and he’s never really returned to that level of play. Max Kellerman of First Take seems to believe he has a long way to go before he gets back there.

“He’s not putting up the numbers, he’s not winning enough, he’s not making great decisions, he’s not super accurate, I see too frequently the team not playing for him,” Kellerman said of Wentz. “The offense is sputtering, and who’s really in charge of that offense? It’s Carson Wentz… I see him as potentially an MVP caliber talent, but I don’t see him as in that conversation.”

Wentz had an amazing stretch in 2017, but is it possible that it was just an extremely small sample size that elevated expectations past what Wentz can truly provide? Outside of those 13 games, he’s never looked like a top tier quarterback. Add in his inability to reliably play a full season and it seems that maybe he’s just not going to be the guy that Philadelphia expected. 


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