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Max Kellerman: Dez Bryant Is Just Another Guy At This Point

Max Kellerman: Dez Bryant Is Just Another Guy At This Point | Sports Takes & News |

Jerry Jones made headlines this week when he inexplicably mentioned during an interview that he thinks about bringing Dez Bryant back to the Cowboys while he is in the shower. Putting aside the creepy implications of his statement, what would it mean for Dallas football wise? When Bryant and the Cowboys parted ways, it was clear that Dez had lost at least a step and was no longer the elite receiver he had once been. Could the time off have helped him? Could he come back a better version of himself? Max Kellerman believes even if Bryant were to return, he would not be a difference maker.

“Dez in his prime was great, but then he stopped being great and he started declining. He’s an NFL receiver when last seen for sure, he could make a lot of rosters. But it’s not like, we got Dez Bryant, now we’ve got a number one wideout,'” Kellerman said. “When’s the last time Dez was a number one wideout, let alone an upper echelon number one wideout… is it gonna make a difference in the number of wins and losses on the field? At this point he’s a JAG: Just Another Guy.”

Bryant was all but washed up the last time he set foot on the turf, and time away from the game doesn’t speed anybody up. Bryant is home and he should stay home. 


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Max Kellerman: Dez Bryant Is Just Another Guy At This Point |

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