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Antonio Brown choosing a landing spot in New England after his recent turmoil in Oakland and Pittsburgh makes sense. After refusing to put team first in two separate organizations, choosing to work for the ultimate team oriented guy in Bill Belichick makes sense; it gives Brown a chance to compete for a ring and rehab his reputation on a team that seems almost certain to have a winning record and a winning temperament.

However, according to Mark Schlereth of Undisputed, these things will only happen if Brown chooses to make them so. “Is Antonio Brown ok with, hey today, you know what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna lift top coverage today and you’re gonna get three targets, you ain’t getting eleven and that’s just the way it is,” Schlereth asked about the star receiver. “”You gotta be ready to be happy about contributing to the victory… My answer is absolutely not,” he answered when asked if believed Schlereth was ready to accept this role.

I accept Stink’s argument on it’s face, and think he is correct, but I’ll need to see the Patriots and Belichick fail at something before I believe it can happen. This team has reformed and rehabilitated so many players in the past that I give them the benefit of the doubt on their plans for Brown. 


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