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What a bad time it is to be an LA Laker.  After missing on their first two attempts at a head coach the Lakers have finally agreed to terms with a coach… and a backup coach incase LeBron doesn’t get along with the initial guy hired for the job. 

Frank Vogel will be the next head coach for the LA Lakers and Jason Kidd is now the assistant head coach, aka the backup plan.  The Lakers got their way with Vogel, only signing him to a three-year deal, essentially giving them the freedom to move on from him at the same time as LeBron’s contract is expiring.  That’s if he even makes it three years, and I have no reason to feel confident that he will. 

Vogel is known as an X’s and O’s guy, but his two years with Orlando were unremarkable, to say the least, accumulating a 54-110 record in two years before being let go.  And before that, remember that Pacers team that was pretty good and made it to back to back eastern conference finals, only to be knocked out by LeBron James and the Miami Heat both times?  Yeah, that was also Frank Vogel.  If you can’t beat em join em, right?

One thing can be clear after the Lakers hired their third choice (that we know of), LeBron did not have a say so in this hiring process like everyone thought he did.  His guy, Ty Lue, had his interview and did not want to sign a 3-year deal, and was instead looking for a 5-year contract but the Lakers were only interested in keeping him around as long as LeBron was around. 

Kidd and Vogel, do have one thing in common however, both of them were fired from their previous job and both teams proceeded to make the playoffs the following year.  I didn’t say it was a good thing what they had in common, sorry Laker fans.  Vogel is going to be under a microscope as the head coach for the currently dysfunctional franchise and will have to be for all of the scrutiny if he is not able to hit the ground running. 

This team had very high expectations heading into the season that were actually being fulfilled until the team was derailed with injuries.  With a chance to bring in a superstar or two this offseason, Vogel is going to be expected to feed on that early success from last year and get the Lakers back to the playoffs.  Easier said than done with the number of holes on this roster, but only time will tell for Vogel and if it doesn’t work out, one can assume that Jason Kidd will be sitting back licking his chops, waiting on his opportunity to take the helm of Laker nation. 

What do you guys think of the win-loss prediction for this Laker team?  Will they be getting Orlando Vogel, or will they get Indiana Vogel.  Good news for Vogel is, if he does make it to the conference finals again, he won’t have to run into LeBron. 


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