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Klay Thompson is warning the rest of the NBA not to sleep on the Golden State Warriors, who have represented the Western Conference in the last five NBA Finals.  Sadly, Thompson is living in a fantasy world where he still thinks the league fears the Dubs, which they no longer do. 

Speaking on ESPN Thursday, Thompson said, “I think that’s a little premature to say that there’s no more dynasty.  We still have Stephen Curry, a two-time MVP.  Draymond Green, a Defensive Player of the Year.  Adding D’Angelo Russell was an incredible gift for us.  The kid is gonna blossom into a superstar in this league … To say the dynasty is over I think is a little ignorant because I’m going to come back better and even more athletic.  It would not be smart to count the Dubs out.  That’s all I tell people.” 

Will the Golden State Warriors be a decent team next season?  Maybe; however, with a stronger and deeper pool of teams in the Western Conference, the days of Thompson and his teammates strolling to 60 or 65 regular season wins are over.  Sure, the franchise won a title without Kevin Durant; however, with their former best player now a member of the Brooklyn Nets, Golden State has fallen back into the pack in the West.

Also, the talent drop-off from Durant’s absence and the time Thompson will miss while recovering from his ACL injury cannot be filled by newly acquired guard D’Angelo Russell.  To think that Steph Curry and D’Angelo Russell will be able to carry this Golden State team through an entire season is foolish on Thompson’s part to believe.  Curry proved last year during the finals that by himself, he can be beat, and NBA teams will likely give Russell the chance to prove if last year was a one-hit wonder or if he has truly emerged as a star in the league.

I give the recovering Thompson credit for waving the pom-poms for his new teammate and his franchise; I even give credit to the Warriors for extending Draymond Green’s contract for four year at nearly $100 Million (although I doubt they team will love having him around for more than half that contract).  Golden State, however, is the Tiger Woods of the NBA; they are no longer feared around the league as a Super Team and sadly for fans of the Dubs, the dynasty is over, at least for this year, and likely for a lot longer.


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