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Kendrick Perkins On Zion Williamson: You Don’t See A Superstar That Has A Motor Like This In The Offensive And Defensive End

Zion Williamson is playing restricted minutes, but my goodness the minutes are the only thing being restricted in his game right now. Averaging just over 28 minutes per night, the rookie star is putting up 23 points and seven rebounds a game, absolutely living up to his preseason hype. More than just the stats themselves, Zion has been a physical force, dominating in the paint and moving well enough to silence critics who claimed he was too heavy to perform in the NBA. Kendrick Perkins has been impressed so far by Zion Williamson, and spoke about liking what he’s seen on ESPN’s Get Up.

“This kid is box office… one thing about this kid right here, man, he moves graceful, they complain about him being 280 pounds but he plays like he’s 240. He runs the court really well,” Perkins said. There’s two things that impress me about Zion, you don’t see a superstar that has a motor like this in the offensive and defensive end and he plays winning basketball… Not only does he have brute strength but I’m talking about the way he’s able to move and the quickness.”

Concerns that Zion wouldn’t be able to push people around in the NBA like he did in college just don’t have as much traction as they used to as he continues to take the league by storm. The only question that remains is whether or not he can carry that weight at that intensity for an entire season. 


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Kendrick Perkins On Zion Williamson: You Don’t See A Superstar That Has A Motor Like This In The Offensive And Defensive End |

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