Kyrie Irving Bad Leader

Kendrick Perkins And Max Kellerman Agree: Kyrie Irving Is A Bad Leader

Kendrick Perkins And Max Kellerman Agree: Kyrie Irving Is A Bad Leader | Sports Takes & News |

Rumors of being an ineffective leader have dogged Kyrie Irving since he departed the Cleveland Cavaliers, departing the shadow of LeBron James presumably because he wanted to take a team and make it his own. He left to join the Boston Celtics, and almost from the jump the discussion surrounding him was that he was an unpopular clubhouse presence and not well respected by his peers. The facts bore out these rumors, with the team performing better while he missed time to injury than it did when he was on the court. Kendrick Perkins recently noted his belief that Kyrie (Irving) is simply a bad leader, saying, “Kyrie has proven to all of us that he’s not a leader… when he was on the Celtics he wasn’t a leader, and now that he’s in Brooklyn he’s thrown several people under the bus.”

Max Kellerman of First Take couldn’t help but agree.

“In the history of the NBA, he may be the most skilled NBA player ever. There’s nothing he can’t do. Whether he has the wisdom to properly deploy his skill is something else altogether,” Kellerman said, responding to Perkins on First Take. “We have a huge sample size between the Celtics and the Nets, and in both instances the team has performed slightly better without him. There’s comes a point where it’s not a coincidence. I agree with Kendrick Perkins, he’s not a good leader.”

Both guys are right, and will be until Irving can turn the corner and become a true leader. Until that point, however, he needs to work on dispelling this notion that he’s an airhead athlete. 


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Kendrick Perkins And Max Kellerman Agree: Kyrie Irving Is A Bad Leader |

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