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Talk about a shocker. The team that NBA analysts and “experts” said was least likely to get Kawhi Leonard as recently as yesterday, not only got Kawhi but also got Paul George. If you are an NBA fan you have to be happy that Kawhi did not join the Lakers. We have witnessed enough “Super Teams” and “Big 3’s” over the past decade to last a lifetime. It’s about time the NBA finally became balanced, and we can think Kawhi for that.

This upcoming NBA season may be one of the most anticipated seasons ever, with the Lakers and Clippers battling for supremacy in the Staples Center. You also have the Warriors and Rockets retooling, yet remaining strong in the West, and the East is once again wide open with the departure of Kawhi. And if you thought the 2019-20 NBA season is going to be crazy, just wait until 2020-21 when Kevin Durant returns.


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