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Everything that is old is new again, and to John Harbaugh, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, what he sees from the Arizona Cardinals “Air Raid” offense is not that new.  With the two teams facing off this weekend, Harbaugh voiced his thoughts about Kliff Kingsbury’s “new” system.

Speaking on Wednesday, John Harbaugh made these comments about the Arizona Cardinals’ offensive scheme, “I lot of those plays have been run before.  There’s really nothing new in football.  When you say “revolutionary,’ it kind of revolves back in a sense.  That’s the difference between revolution and evolution, right?”

It is simple logic that, as the rules of football favor the passing game, that coaches will take old ideas and try to refresh them to fit their players and the new style of football being played in 2019.  From the “Run and Shoot” of Warren Moon’s Houston Oilers to the spread offense that failed under Steve Spurrier in Washington, many coaches have tried to build a better mouse trap when it comes to the offensive passing game.  As with many things, one person’s “innovation is another person’s recycled idea, with perhaps a new name to refresh it and make it sound new.

Has Kliff Kingsbury reinvented the wheel with his “Air Raid” offense, probably not.  Was John Harbaugh trying to throw shade at a rookie head coach by downplaying his brilliance, definitely yes, and with good reason.  Kingsbury is not going to break new ground or change how the NFL plays with his “Air Raid” offense, and Harbaugh likely figured that out after watching about 30 minutes of game football.  I do, however, give Harbaugh credit for being honest enough to not be worried about creating bulletin board material ahead of Sunday’s game, because most head coaches would have tried something positive to say, instead of what he did, which was state the truth.  Now, let’s hope that the Arizona Cardinals hang about 55 points on the Baltimore Ravens defense, so Kliff Kingsbury can explain how “simple” his offensive game plan was. 


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