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Jalen Rose On LeBron James And His Dramatic Flop

Jalen Rose On LeBron James And His Dramatic Flop | Sports Takes & News |

And the Oscar goes to… LeBron James, for his leading role in the most overly dramatic flop of the NBA season in the Lakers games against the Grizzlies. James was out by the three point line with the Lakers down by six in the fourth quarter being guarded by Dillon Brooks when Brooks reached in and slightly, and my goodness I do mean slightly, grazed Bron’s face. LeBron, in classic flop artist fashion, took a half a second to realize he had been touched at all before throwing himself backwards and to the ground. Do not adjust your screen, this is not Euro league soccer you’re watching. Jalen Rose was not impressed by the bush league move, and took the opportunity on his show Jalen and Jacoby to express his opinion.

“So here’s what I think about LeBron’s flop… LeBron understands how to massage a situation. He faked a flopportunity and he had Dillon Brooks standing over him like he was Tyson Fury hitting Wilder! Like, dawg, you didn’t even hit him,” Rose said, half mocking James for playing at being everybody’s best friend off the court but flopping in games. 

I might not be the perfect guy to ask because I think flopping should be considered a war crime, but this was some especially weak sauce from LeBron. Down late in the game, it was a move that reeked of desperation and was unbecoming of one of the greatest players of all time. I hope his teammates let him hear it. 


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Jalen Rose On LeBron James And His Dramatic Flop |

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