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The New York Jets are doing it again; they are being The New York Jets!

Reports of a rift within the franchise proved true Wednesday when the team announced they fired General Manager Mike Maccagnan, giving that job temporarily to head coach Adam Gage, who was just hired four month ago. The boys in the sandbox were fighting over how much money Maccagnan ended up paying free agent LB C.J. Mosley and RB Le’Veon Bell, with Gage on record within the franchise that he didn’t wish to overpay for any running backs.  He reported said after Mosley was signed by Maccagnan that his price tag was also too high.

With owner Woody Johnson working as US Ambassador to Great Brittain, his brother Christopher has taken over the day-to-day operations of the Jets, and clearly he was left instructions on how continue the ineptitude of the franchise.  It is difficult to believe that Gage didn’t win a power play over Maccagnan, making both Gage and Christopher Johnson look bad on many levels.  How is Johnson going to hire anyone when they know the team’s head coach clearly has the ability to get them fired?  And now with Maccagnan fired, why would anyone of quality want to work in that situation and work with either of these guys, let alone both of them together?

Clearly, the Jets are good at one thing, being The Same Old Jets; this week is just another page in their long, pathetic history.


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