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There is nothing the NFL media loves telling people more about then how unselfish New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady is; yet, what the media forgets to leave out of their narrative is something called the whole story.  Sure, TB12 takes less money than he could otherwise earn as a free agent; however, Brady’s motivation has always been about winning, not money. Additionally, Brady is helped out by having a wife who has already earned more than he will ever be able to during his NFL career.

Before salting away his sixth career Super Bowl victory this past season, Tom Brady had already made over $217 Million in career earnings during his first 19-years in the NFL.  This does not count any of his off field endorsement deals, which reportedly earn him an additional $8 Million a year.  This income, however, pales in comparison to the income Brady’s wife Gisele Bündchen made during her modeling career.  Before retiring from the runways in 2015, the Brazilian-born Bündchen was the world’s highest paid model for ten straight years.  Even now in her retirement, Bündchen earns a reported $10 Million a year from her personal business interests and is expected to become a billionaire independent of her husband’s income.  At the start of 219, this power couple is already halfway to a three-comma lifestyle, with a net worth of $580 Million.

One thing that Tom Brady can rest assured knowing is that he will have sources of income in his post-NFL life.  His endorsement deals will likely continue both in the United States and internationally, and his business interests a reportedly all doing well.  There are also three letters that will always ensure TB12 will have a way to make money five years after his retirement, HOF.  As a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer, Tom Brady appearance fees and autograph will be worth seven or eight figures a year and only go to add to his value as a product endorser.

So while it’s a nice story how Tom Brady is “settling” for a team-friendly $23 Million on his 2019 contract (a $5 Million raise from what it was scheduled to be), Brady knows that winning on the field makes him more money off the field and wealthier in the long run than grabbing every dollar he can from his NFL contracts ever will.  Tom Brady is not giving Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots a discount, Tom Brady is giving himself a chance to win more Super Bowls.  Something that, in the long run, is worth more to him than the pocket change some would have you believe he is “leaving on the table” on this or any of his other previous contracts.


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