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Alright OKC fans, it’s time.  It’s time to come out of that shadow in the back of the room that is known as denial.  You can’t defend your guy anymore.  Russell Westbrook is the problem. 

Paul George was locked in.  We were only a couple of days away from the anniversary of George’s shocking decision to stick with the Thunder instead of going to the Lakers.  Then it happened.  Yesterday, only a year removed from signing a 4 year extension with the Thunder, Paul George decided to pack his bags and head to the Clippers.  Why?  Because he realized, just like Kevin Durant, that you will not win a championship if the only other guy you have to count on is Russell Westbrook. 

It hurts.  I know it does, but it’s time to accept it.  It’s time to realize that no matter how hard Russell Westbrook plays on the court, that something else off the court just isn’t clicking and these big name guys don’t want to play with him.  Look at the amount of talent we have watched walk away from this team. 

The good news is (well it isn’t really good news, there isn’t much good news surrounding this organization at the moment,)  it appears that Westbrook is also requesting a trade and may not be with the Thunder for much longer.  I never thought I’d see the day where Westbrook didn’t wear a Thunder jersey, but it looks like that day has come.  Westbrook has done everything in his power on the court to will a championship to the Thunder organization but unfortunately for him, and the fans, it just wasn’t enough. 

Crazy how things can change just overnight, right? OKC went from being an innocent bystander of the free agency period to a victim of a sideswipe as Paul George was taken from them to be used as a recruiting piece for Kawhi Leonard.  You went from being happy to be adding budget pieces to the roster, to watching your team enter rebuild mode in less than 8 hours.  If and when Westbrook does get traded, it will probably be just for some cap relief, a couple of budget pieces, and some more draft compensation.  So don’t expect to be seeing any blockbuster trades that include any superstars in return.  This team was never going to last with the horrible cap situation that it found itself in. 


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