NFL Takes, TooAthletic Takes

There is already talk that the walking video game cheat code named Patrick Mahomes will soon become the NFL’s first $200 Million Dollar player, and to that I say, well it’s about time!

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter said Thursday morning on “Get Up” that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to offer quarterback Patrick Mahomes a $200 Million contract extension after this season, the first time they would be allowed to do so under league rules.  The contract would move him past Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks as the highest paid player in NFL history.

The game the will be interesting to watch here will be how much of the $200 Million on the new contract will be guaranteed.  Nearly all (97%) of Julio Jones’ new deal was guaranteed by the Atlanta Falcons for their star wide receiver.  And with everyone already aware that Mahomes can throw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns a season, will the Kansas City Chiefs made a statement by making the contract close to fully guaranteed.  In essence the question is this: How much will Mahomes demand be guaranteed on the deal and how much is he willing to accept being guaranteed.  Because if he is coming off another monster season, and maybe a second straight MVP season, his leverage will never be stronger; and he will need to flex that leverage to the fullest, not just for himself, but the rest of the players in the National Football League.

There are contracts, and then there are contracts; for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, what they do this off-season will be a big statement as the National Football League looks to renew their collective bargaining agreement with the players while also asking for a 17-game regular season schedule.  Does everyone know the Patrick Mahomes is worth $200 Million Dollars?  Yes, but how much of it will he actually get guaranteed.  If I was his agent, is the contract wasn’t fully guaranteed, there better be easy ways for my client to make sure he collects it all; otherwise we are going to free agency.


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