Is LeBron James Injured

Is LeBron James Injured, Or Just Load Managing During Nights Off?

Is LeBron James Injured, Or Just Load Managing During Nights Off? | Sports Takes & News |

LeBron James took a night off against the Golden State Warriors with what the Lakers called a groin injury this past week. The ailment came at a convenient time, with the Warriors playing awful basketball and the Lakers able to sneak by with a 30 point, 116-86 victory anyway. With LeBron only taking the day off against such a weak opponent, is it possible that it’s no coincidence at all? Rather than being injured, is LeBron James simply load managing, a practice he has publicly been against? The First Take crew sounded off.

“Here’s the problem with LeBron right now and the ‘groin injury’ or whatever: he came out and said when he was asked about load management… I think LeBron saw a little opportunity and said if I’m healthy I play,” Max Kellerman said. “LeBron is a genius and a brilliant basketball player when it comes to managing his season… but now that he said that thing where if I’m healthy I play, you can’t rest him. He’s an image conscious guy and it looks hypocritical. So they come up with a groin injury. I don’t believe them, it’s load managing.”

Stephen A. Smith took the other side of the argument.

“He hasn’t missed a game since January 11, and you know that groin injury is something real because its something that’s bothered him in the past. So it’s a matter of integrity when you talk about LeBron James missing a game and just making up an excuse to miss a game… he’s not somebody who has missed a slew of games, that’s not what his resume says,” Smith said.

I’m with Kellerman on this one. There is no way this injury just happened to crop up at the perfect time for LeBron to miss a game where the Lakers would cruise to victory anyway. Tell the truth, say you’re load managing, and eat a little crow. 


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Is LeBron James Injured, Or Just Load Managing During Nights Off? |

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