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There must be something in the water in Dallas that makes players feel like they are worth more than what they actually are.  We already have Zeke holding out and he won’t be back until he gets his new contract, which is reportedly supposed to be in the same ballpark as Todd Gurley money.  Then we get the report that there were offers out for Dak, Zeke, and Amari on the table and none of them had answered yet.  

Well, one of those has now been proven to be true and it’s Dak Prescott.  This one is almost laughable.  Dak Prescott turned down a deal that was worth over $30 million and his response is….wait for it… that’s he’s asking for $40 MILLION/YEAR!  Yes, you read that right.  A guy that isn’t even in the top 10 at his position is asking for $40 million a year.  Let’s look at what the other top paid quarterbacks are making before we come back and laugh at this.  

Matt Ryan – $30 million/year (Better than Dak)

Carson Wentz – $32 million/year (Better than Dakota)

Aaron Rodgers – $33.5 million/year (Better than #4 and everyone else on this list)

Big Ben – $34 million/year (Better than Dak)

Russell Wilson $35 million/year (Better than Dak Prescott)

So, as you can see this list has something in common.  Everyone on it is better than Dak Prescott.  So now, Dak thinks that he is worth more than the highest paid QB in the NFL by $5 million!?  What is going on in this man’s head?  Dak is a glorified game manager that just happens to benefit from a top 3 RB and a top 3 O Line that makes him look better than he is.  In fact, nobody on this list has the combination of top RB and top offensive line like Dak does and I would take a pretty confident guess in saying that he would vastly underperform on any one of these rosters.  But I have to be honest here, I truly hope that Dak Prescott gets paid this money.  I hope a report comes out tomorrow that the Cowboys have inked a deal with Dak for $40 million/year.  Why?  Because I’m an Eagles fan and would love nothing more than to watch them tie up a game manager for that much of their salary cap.  

I think there’s 13-15 quarterbacks that can be put in the exact same situation in Dallas that would look significantly better than Dak.  So, to watch him make that type of money would be absolutely devastating for the future of this franchise and I’m all for it.  PAY THIS MAN!



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