TooAthletic Takes

The Cowboys have not had the best of luck, and it sucks to see that loyal players have become harder and harder to find across many types sports.  First, they have a whole contract dilemma with Ezekiel Elliot, and now they have to play nickels and dimes with Dak Prescott? I’m sure the front office all felt they were being very generous when offering $30 million to Prescott.  Ask yourselves this…is Dak worth $30 million in today’s league?  I’ll answer for you…NO DAMN WAY.  NO HOW. 

Let’s make this abundantly clear for my readers, Prescott is what Troy Aikman was. He is a role-playing quarterback which means he does not control the offense.  Zeke controls the offense.  Just like Emitt Smith controlled the offense for the Cowboys during their dynasty days.  Leave no doubts on the table when I say there is no Dak without Zeke.  Zeke creates everything for the Cowboys via his role of shouldering the offense via his running game. 

To make matters worse he wants $40 million a year.  Please compare Prescott to other quarterbacks in the league.  He’d be raking in more than everyone in his class and everyone in the league.  I have to ask Dak Prescott himself, do you even believe you are actually worth that much or is your agent trying to make history by exploiting the fact that Dallas needs you now that Zeke presented his problems?  If so please have a seat Penn State the 30 million despite not even earning it.  Don’t let your ego get too big kid. 


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