NFL Takes, TooAthletic Takes

Every year the NFL produces some surprises and this year is no exception. I really thought the Cleveland Browns would be better. Surprise! I bought into the Browns improvement late last season and thought they had a foundation to build on. There’s a lot of talent there (I think) but it’s just not producing results. As with most NFL teams, the Browns woes start at QB. 

Baker Mayfield brings a lot of swagger to the position, but as Browns fans know, swagger without production equals Johnny Manziel. Mayfield isn’t getting much help from his offensive line, but he does hang onto the ball too long. Check down passes should be his friend. Dropping the ball off to Nick Chubb isn’t worst option in the world. 

It seems like adding OBJ to the Browns mix has made Mayfield a little too anxious to throw the long ball. The Browns and Mayfield would do well to take a look at the way Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers handled their play calling. Sometimes less is more.


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