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You would expect an NBA player to be one of the best sources of information about other players in his league, and with free agency about to begin, listening to what any and every player says can prove valuable.  Or in the case of Andre Iguodala, words can bring you back to reality.

Andre Iguodala appeared on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” where host Kelly Evans asked about Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant, with the loyal Warriors player saying that both players would return to Golden State this offseason.  “You’re crushing the Knicks fans out here with this kind of talk,” Evans replied, prompting Iguodala to add, “Nobody’s going to the Knicks … Sorry.” 

The reaction on social media ran from Knicks loyalist who said, ”He can’t say that, he should be fined” to Knicks realists who said, ”Blame (Knicks owner) James Dolan if free agents don’t want to come play for his team.” 

Until proven otherwise, I believe that Andre Iguodala’s words were those of a person speaking the truth in a humorous way. Players talk to other players and they have some idea where the player might go and a better idea where players are NOT going. In the case of this year’s free agents, the trend has been hearing about who the Knicks want to talk to, not who wants to talk to the team.  While New York might be able to sign a player who gets caught without a chair when the music stops, it doesn’t appear to me that any players are considering the Knicks as their first, best option when it comes time to sign the dotted line. 

The last laugh will be awarded to Andre Iguodala if no big name free agents sign with the New York Knicks in July, or it will go to the team when they do sign a player worthy of a big press conference and fan excitement.  The game’s free agency period begin June 30; let’s see whose right and wrong.


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