NFL Takes, TooAthletic Takes

You want a quick score, look to Kansas City; if you want a long scoring drive, call on the Chiefs, if you want 40 points on opening weekend, turn to page one of the Kansas City Chiefs playbook.  Just to make things more interesting, Andy Reid should turn to page two for week two and see how many points he can produce.

Last season’s MVP and his head coach had their way at home on Sunday as they could pass the ball effectively and efficiently, as well as run the ball enough to keep the defense honest.  Other than seeing wide receiver Tyreek Hill go down with an injury, the Kansas City Chiefs showed why many people rightly believe they are Super Bowl contenders again this season.

Losing Hill to a shoulder injury will likely force Andy Reid to modify his offense attack against the Oakland Raiders this upcoming weekend.  The fact that this game is on the road will also call for Patrick Mahomes to use hand signals, silent counts, and quick counts to prevent the defense from getting ahead of his receiver and linemen at the snap.  After Week One, however, it looks like the Chiefs offense can do almost anything they want on the field at almost anytime in a game; and with the mad offensive genius Andy Reid always drawing up more plays to challenge defenses and his young, talented quarterback, the sky is the limit for how much this team can do this season.

What will also be interesting to see is how well their offensive stats compare to the New England Patriots from this point forward now that Antonio Brown is in Tom Brady’s receiver group.  Many people believed earlier this year that the Patriots’ receiving core would be shallow and lack much talent; but now that both Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown are running routes for Brady, the Patriots too will have a potent offense. Though, likely not as vertical as the Chiefs passing attack.

Andy Reid’s playbook is being written like a never-ending novel by an author that just doesn’t think it has everything right yet.  And while Reid’s situational play calling is often put under a microscope, how he draws up plays has never been an issue.  There are almost times when you wish Reid was born in an era when he could have his playbook, hand it to a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes and let him call the plays. Alas, those days are long gone now, with modern head coaches controlling everything including the snap count it seems.

For now, at least during the regular season, the only time Kansas City should lose is when their offense is out of sync or during bad weather; otherwise it should always be full speed ahead, which this week includes turning to page two of the Chiefs’ playbook.


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