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Here’s What Rex Ryan Called A Cowboys Player That Led To Backlash

Here’s What Rex Ryan Called A Cowboys Player That Led To Backlash | Sports Takes & News |

In one of the biggest about-faces in ESPN history, Rex Ryan was trending on Friday just as much for what he said early in the morning about Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper as he was for the quick apology he was forced to issue before lunch.  The question I have for everyone is this: Why are you surprised that someone we all knew was a loose cannon when off the deep end like, well, a loose cannon? 

When networks hire anyone who is known to speak their minds, I am always confused when they get in trouble for speaking their mind.  For anyone who saw Rex Ryan and the New York Jets on HBO’s Hard Knocks a decade ago, we knew that the former NFL coach didn’t exactly have a wide-ranging vocabulary.  So, it is really any wonder that when speaking on ESPN Friday morning that he used the word “turd” when talking about Amari Cooper?  The network should be happy that Ryan learned a new word to replace the one he actually wanted to use.

I know, he knows, and everyone knows that describing anyone using that word is wrong … but NO, I don’t think there were any racial overtones meant by Ryan when he used that word.  It was just a dumb coach talking the way he has spoken in locker rooms and sidelines for years.  Stupid is as stupid does! 

Does Rex Ryan deserve to be fired?  That depends on why ESPN hired him; because his choice of words has given his network more publicly than they have in weeks, and is only matched by what Adam Schefter said about the NFL Draft.  Isn’t it funny how when that crazy four-letter network is desperate for ratings, people say controversial things … it almost seems planned!

Rex Ryan acted like Rex Ryan on Friday; and anyone who is surprised just does pay enough attention to him.  Then again, that’s probably why he said what he said to begin with, right? 


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Here’s What Rex Ryan Called A Cowboys Player That Led To Backlash |

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