NFL Takes, TooAthletic Takes

Since taking over as the Bears GM, Ryan Pace has made two huge moves. First he traded up in the draft to take Mitch Trubisky with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Then he dealt for Khalil Mack before the 2018 season. The second move was great, but it won’t be enough to undo the train wreck that was the Trubisky pick.

Like most Bears fans, when I see Patrick Mahomes or even DeShaun Watson play for their respective teams, it makes me sick. One of those guys should be playing for the Bears. Pace’s gaffe is a generational one when it comes to the NFL. I don’t look for the Bears to recover during his tenure as the bears GM. As good as the Bears defense is, the weight of Trubisky’s lack of effectiveness will be too much for it to carry. And speaking of the defense…

The Bears supposedly have the best defense in the NFL. Having said that why can’t they close out a game? In London the Bears let the Raiders roll almost the length of the field for the game winning touchdown. Admittedly they stopped the Raiders at one point but a running into the kicker penalty prolonged the drive. Still, it seems like the Bears should have been able to make a stop.

Earlier this season the Broncos did the same thing, only the Bears were able to pull that one out. Even last year, before the infamous double doink, the Bears let the Eagles score on a late drive for the winning margin. The Bears have the look of a talented team that can’t win the big one. Chicago sports fans have seen much too much of that over the years.


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