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Alright, so I don’t do politics and I don’t like the connection that they have with sports. I think the correlation between politics and sports is what takes the purity out of the games that we love. So, forgive me here because I’m going to step out of my comfort zone for a second and talk about this because frankly I’m just so damn annoyed by it that I can’t let it slide, and my coworkers are tired of hearing me rant about it.  Trump said he would “love to see (Colin) Kaepernick return to the NFL if he’s good enough.” 

Trump shut the fuck up.  There was a time when I cared about what the POTUS had to say about sports, because we actually knew that Obama knew sports.  He knew what he was talking about, he filled out brackets with us, and he congratulated athletes with a knowledgeable background about what he was congratulating them for.  Now, this guy on the other hand is contradicting himself for his own agenda, and probably doesn’t even know how many teams are in the NFL. 

In 2017, when the players started the kneel and it became a movement, Trump was against it.  Trump criticized the protestors and said that they are hurting the game, and that fans should leave the games if they have a problem with the protests. I have no issues with the second half of that, if the fans want to leave because of the way these players feel that’s fine, nobody will miss you so please go play in traffic.  The part that annoys me is the fact that this dude really thinks that we don’t remember him speaking out about this just 2 years ago, and being against it, yet now trying to be the cool president who talks about sports and wants to see what is best for the players. Absolutely not.  You don’t talk about sports unless it benefits you.  It’s fine if you don’t like sports. 

We got spoiled with that with Obama, but it’s not a requirement for the president to be into sports, and if you aren’t, than just leave them alone.  Go play golf with Robert Kraft and that can be the most sports that you ever talk about.  It almost feels like he is just trying to be that cool dad that hangs out with his son and his friends and tries to stay hip.  You know the one.  Personally, my dad was like that and this is even more annoying than that was when I was a kid. 

Yes, I know I wrote an article the other day saying that the Eagles should not sign Kap, but I also said in that article that I stood for what Kap started the protest for and it was only from a football perspective why I thought the Eagles should stay away.  So with that being said, I’m going to take a page out of Lavar’s book here and say stay in your lane POTUS. 


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