NFL Takes, TooAthletic Takes

Waking up feeling dangerous wasn’t all it normally is cracked up to be for Baker Mayfield this week.  That’s because the Cleveland Browns quarterback played the worst game of his career and is being trolled on social media by his detractors.  Guess what Mr. Mayfield, you are getting exactly what you deserve!

There is a belief that you should let others figure out how going you are at your job, because if you need to tell them, you are probably over estimating your abilities.  The Cleveland Browns, lead by there quarterback Baker Mayfield are this year’s example of this saying in the NFL this year.  No one blew their own horns louder than they did in the preseason; and no one has fallen harder in their defeats than they have.  Clearly the hype train is out of service and the greatness of the Cleveland Browns is on hold for at least one more year.

If any player, who, like Baker Mayfield, is going to call out the haters after their win over the Baltimore Ravens; then those same haters have carte blanche to speak their minds after the Cleveland Browns lay an egg on Monday Night Football.  They also have full license to call out Baker Mayfield after he played so poorly that he was benched.

There is little doubt that the chip in the shoulder of Baker Mayfield will only grow after Monday Night.  There is also little doubt that the National Football League views him and the Anti-Daniel Jones; a player that doesn’t carry himself professional and is not earning the respect of his peers.  The only way that Baker Mayfield can earn that respect is by cutting out his trash talking during good times and bad, and show that winning is more important than respect, because the latter never comes without the former.


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