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There was a report on Sunday that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott turned down a contract that was valued at $30 Million per season.  While that amount is way too much for a quarterback who’s 2016 rookie season was his best; if Jerry Jones was crazy enough to offer that amount of money, then Dak Prescott should have signed the contract on the spot, because he is not a quarterback worthy of that amount of money under any circumstance.


Michael Lombardi of The Athletic was first to report about the rejected contract offer that would have, if it was accepted, paid Dak Prescott in the top-five highest paid NFL quarterbacks.  As most fans know, hearing a contract’s annual value doesn’t tell the whole story behind an offer presented by a team to a player; and there was no word on how much guaranteed money was offered by the Dallas Cowboys.  So on the surface Prescott might have turned down $30 Million per season; he may also be looking for a larger portion of his entire contract guaranteed, which could be behind why the offer was rejected.

The Dallas Cowboys are walking a tight rope this offseason when it comes to their “Big Three” of Prescott, wide receiver Amari Cooper, who is on the last year of his current contract, and holdout running back Ezekiel Elliott, who still has two years remaining on his rookie deal.  In their dealings with Elliott, Stephen Jones made it clear that they don’t wish to set the market by offering the highest salary to any of their players at any position, which explains why Prescott’s offer would not make him the highest paid NFL quarterback.  The fact that so much money will need to be paid out to their “Big Three” offensive players in a short amount of time could also force the team to request and almost demand a discount from Prescott in order to pay the other two while also fielding an above average defense.  Another thought could be that Dak Prescott is willing to bet on himself and play out the rest of his current contract and go to free agency.


While only Elliott is holding out, getting a deal done with Prescott before the start of the season would be in the best interest of the Dallas Cowboys, since, without it, a cloud of uncertainty will hang over AT&T Stadium, and a flurry of questions will hit the front office every time they talk to the media.  The Jones family is likely hoping to set the tone in their contract talks with Prescott before moving on to Cooper and Elliott; but without taking care of the first piece of the “Big Three,” that won’t be possible.  It looks like Dak Prescott is holding the money bags for two of his teammates; but he also might be looking to grab most of the cash for himself, even if it means leaving his teammates out in the cold.  This could get interesting as the summer turns into fall, stay tuned.


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