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Diana Taurasi might be hurt; however, being on the bench didn’t stop her from running out on the court to protect her Phoenix Mercury teammates when a fight broke out during her WNBA game against the Dallas Wings.  Six players, including the former Connecticut star Taurasi and Brittney Griner, who Taurasi was protecting, were ejected from Sunday’s game.

“Today I went on the court to make sure my teammate didn’t get jumped.  (Griner) got punched in the face and then someone ran on her back and threw punches at her face.  I would do that 100 times out of 100 times,” Taurasi said after the game.

It was Brittney Griner who ran after Kristine Anigwe after being punched in the face, the British-born rookie from the Dallas Wings out of California ran away down the court with the former Baylor University standout Griner being cut off in her pursuit by several players from each team.

“Unfortunate about the fight,” Dallas Wings coach Brian Agler said. “Didn’t help either team, but you know those things are going to happen.”

Do we now say that “girls will be girls” when it comes to basketball fights?  Because as far as sports fights go, this was might have been quick, but it was pretty good.  I hope these two teams are headed toward a playoff matchup, that would make some must-see summer television.


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