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Daniel Snyder Is In A No-Lose Situation If He Is Forced To Sell His Team

Daniel Snyder Is In A No-Lose Situation If He Is Forced To Sell His Team | Sports Takes & News |

Rumors have been running rampant over the last few weeks that Daniel Snyder is being pressured into selling his majority ownership of the Washington football team by his business partners.  Snyder, who has been one of the worst franchise owners in history is, sadly, in a no-lose situation.  That’s because either he will hang on to his team, and reap the financial rewards of the name change and rebranding he announced just last month; or he will make hundreds of millions of dollars in profit whenever he sells the NFL team that is going to fetch billions on the open market. Either way, Daniel Snyder is the wrong person to be in this position, to be part of one of the biggest deals in sports, ever.

When Jerry Richardson was forced to sell the Carolina Panthers just over two years ago, his team sold for a record $2.2. Billion. The Panthers were an expansion team that began play in 1996, and being a more regional team that draws support from the mid-Atlantic region of the Carolinas, they don’t have the same history or drawing power that most NFL franchises would. Yet, they STILL set the benchmark when they were sold under duress in 2018. This fact alone means that if I’m Daniel Snyder, the bidding for his Washington franchise probably begins at $3.25 Billion, a four-fold increase from the $800 Million they purchased the team for two decades ago.

Imagine being able to buy into the NFL, the biggest sport in North America while also being able to rebrand the team with a new name, logo and identity, AND also being better established than three-quarters of the teams in the league at a minimum.  Because that is EXACTLY what any new owner of the Washington football team would be walking into if Daniel Snyder was forced to sell the team, and that is what any first-year business school student would say it’s going to drive up the price of the franchise on the open market.

It’s likely better if/when Daniel Snyder sells the team, since he didn’t know his ass from his elbow while he was the majority owner. To think that someone so clueless, will benefit so greatly from a mess they created is, quite frankly, unfair on so many levels. Only in the sports world can someone fail so miserably, yet profit so much as Daniel Snyder can regardless of how the next twelve months play out.

This is Gordon Gekko not going to jail at the end of Wall Street when it comes to how ridiculous it is that Snyder is staring at a financial windfall the likes of which no one few, if anyone has seen, ever.  All because he is one of the worst franchise owners in history, and is the wrong person to be part of the biggest deal in sports history, bar none. 


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Daniel Snyder Is In A No-Lose Situation If He Is Forced To Sell His Team |

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