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The Rams lost this past weekend to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers despite putting up a healthy 40 points because the defense was an absolute sieve, allowing the Bucs to post 55 points. Jameis Winston carved them up for 385 yards and four touchdowns, while Jared Goff threw three picks. In the shootout game that it turned into, Todd Gurley only got 5 carries which he only managed to turn into 16 yards. After the game when asked why he only got so few carries, Gurley said, “I don’t call the plays, bro.”

Cris Carter believes that Gurley is clearly being restricted due to lingering knee problems and believes the Rams best course of action would be to part ways with the frustrated running back. “They made a miscalculation. They jumped at a contract they didn’t have to. They thought signing Todd Gurley was important,” Carter said. “Now it’s down to five carries a game, there has to be an explanation. And the only explanation is he’s not healthy… ultimately, the Rams have to cut Todd Gurley. They have to get off of him.”

Carter is probably right that Gurley isn’t healthy now, but to cut bait on a player that talented without giving him a proper chance to recover would be silly. It could well be that Gurley could go a full game now, but it would jeopardize him further down in the Rams schedule and LA is saving him for some more important games during the late stretch. Cutting him, and eating the dead money, would be a foolish option at this point. 


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