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Coming off of their first loss of the season at the hands of the Colts, the Kansas City Chiefs are left picking up the pieces and trying to triage the problems exposed in the defeat. One would think that the injury concern to their athletic quarterback Patrick Mahomes would be the utmost concern as limiting his movement could ultimately stifle the whole offense, but Cris Carter believes the biggest issue facing the Chiefs isn’t even one of the players on the field: it’s their coach.

“My biggest concern with Kansas City is Andy Reid. Is Andy Reid gonna ever develop a running game? Let’s just say last week they did have the lead, how was he going to try to take the pressure off of Patty Mahomes by running out the clock, because he couldn’t run,” Carter said. “What I’ve seen from Andy Reid, he’s one of the best play callers that’s ever been in the game… will they ever have some type of running game?”

This is not a new complaint about Reid, as any fan of the Philadelphia Eagles would tell you. As talented as the man is at drawing up defenses, he’s glossed over packages that protect the ball and eat up clock as long as he’s been doing this. He’s had success in spite of it, but Carter may be right: that unwillingness to adapt may well be what keeps the Chiefs from winning the big game. 


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